Interview mit Head Coach Marvin Washington

Head Coach Marvin Washington, it has been a couple of weeks now, since your team started the offseason. What are the main areas you are working right now?

Right now we are consentrating on getting a good base of fitness and improving our passing game on offense and defending the pass on defense. Trying to take a step forward in that area.

This is your first coaching gig since you left Mannheim. What made you decide to join the Heidelberg Hunters?

One of my older players who played for me when I coached 1st leage in Weinheim Daniel Browne started his career in Heidelberg wrote to me and ask if I was interested in sitting down and talking to the Hunters who were looking for a Head coach and offensive coordinator. I decided that it would be a good idea to talk. That lead to where we are now. 

Do you knew any of the players before? Did you see some games from the Heidelberg Hunters?

I have coached a long time senior and youth teams. So I know players all over and also by the Hunters. The DC (Marc Gnörich) played for my youth team in Weinheim.

How happy are you the be coaching Football again?

Feels great so far

In 2017 the Heidelberg Hunters won their first championship. In 2018 it was their first year in the Landesliga, which they finished 4th. What can the fans of the Hunters expect for the 2019 season?

The fans will see a TEAM with a lot of PRIDE and FIGHT and who are willing  to do whatever it takes to achieve the team goals. Now lets all just do our best and see what happens.